Close Personal Look

Personal photographs of close friends. I have been trained in lighting and portraiture by Brook’s graduates who would classify my body of work as snapshots and I would accept that. But I have worked hard to make images that connect with my subjects regardless of the formalities of classical portrait composition and lighting. Not everybody wants to have their picture taken but I wanted to make an image of everybody who was close to me. These images are taken as the combination of presence, lighting, a camera with film and forgiveness presented themselves. The first image in the group is of my wife Annette taken in 1993. The idea for the rest of the body of work started while I was caring for Annette with the majority being taken after she passed. Losing Annette was a very traumatic experience for me. I felt driven to photograph all the people who are in my life. Staying busy and working on the project was also good therapy for me.

Technical Information

All the works in the gallery were processed and printed in my darkroom. The gallery images are scans of 8×10 darkroom prints.  I have removed dust and spots from the prints with Photoshop but they are otherwise unmodified after scanning. With few exceptions, all images were made with a Leica M4, collapsible Summicron 50mm and Ilford HP5+. I photographed Annette in 1993, using an Olympus OM2, 50mm f1.4 on Kodak Tri-X.  Stu and Brooke were taken with manual focus Nikons.  Stu; Nikon F with 50mm f1.4.  Brooke; Nikon F2AS with the 55mm f1.2.  I processed all film with Kodak D-76 and use Ilford fiber paper for prints. “A Closer Look” was exhibited at the Green Room in Mannette Sept 1, 2017.